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An Excellent Low Cost Grow Light for Small Plants and Starting!

This 50 watt FLUOREX(tm) type fixture is a great grow light.

For a very low power bill, you get a massive amount of light. The Concentrating optics delivers higher light levels on target with less electricity. Our mirror like reflector gives you the power of a spotlight to concentrate abundant light for fast starting. It's actually much brigher than standard "65 w (=500w)" fluorex fixtures due it's high energy efficiency design.

This is an excellent all around fixture:

Plugs into a standard household outlet! Fixture Head Hangs by Bail or Easy to use Clamp! PERFECT FOR SMALLER GARDENS.GREAT FOR ORCHID GROWING! Excellent choice for SEED STARTING! Over Winter Plants! Makeís a Great Work Light in the Off Season!


High Blue Content Light for Growth!  It features high blue content light to promote compact bushey growth and strong plants. It's light spectrum is very close to natural skylight!

Powerful Output Gives MORE GROWTH!

This unit's bulbs are rated to makes 4000 real lumens, about as much light as a "65 watt (=500 watt, 8000 phony lumen) fluorex" It also produces about as much light as a standard 4í two bulb shoplight or a 2' straight tube T5. But the output is concentrated in a much smaller area. So it's a really cheap way to start healthy, abundant plants with high intensity light.  

Sorry, fluorex units really are not as bright as great big 400 watt HID / HPS / Metal Halide lights as phony quick buck ebay vendors say. These are good, but not that good. (There are more technical details to follow on real and phony light output)

That said, this is still an outstanding low cost light.

Low Electric Bill Saves your CASH$$

Since it only uses 50 watts, you'll hardly even it notice it on your power bill! The thinner diameter tube makes these these some of the brightest compact fluorescents we have ever sold.

Commercial Grade Electronic Ballast for Reliable Operation!

People often complain that the shop lights they buy in stores don't last. They don't like starting in damp or cool basements either. Such shop lights are often bulb eating machines too. Often they use cheap one transistor ballasts that fry the bulbs due to poor current control.

Not so with our compact fluorescent design. The compact lamps we use are some of the best we ever had. We mainly use them in very cold moist unheated barns.  We've sold compacts by the thousands.So we learn who makes the good ones, and who makes the ones that just don't last. Since the majority of our customers see us face to face, it's hard to sell shoddy product. 

One Year Lamp Manufacture's Warranty

All New Fixture All this is new:

(1)  Bright Annodized Mirror Like Reflector. Wow, this reflector is so shiney!This isn't a cheap, dull raw aluminum reflector. Raw aluminum isn't very reflective at all! This reflector is optically coated to make it bright! It works just like a mirror. This is a heavy duty reflector that I bought seperately to make these units! The reflector is open (not covered in plastic) to let the maximum light out!

 (2) Two 25 watt Premium Daylight Compact Fluorescents. The manufacture's rated output is a powerful 2000 lumens each-- 4000 real lumens total. (These are real ratings, not the phoney scotopic lumens) These compact bulbs teeny tiny-- so small that you actually can fit two of them inside the reflector. If they were not so small, they'd never fit.

These lamps use the best phosphor, the Japanese made Nichea Tri-Phosphor. Bulbs made with the Nichea Phosphors stay brighter longer and make accurate, high color temperature light. A new (patent pending) aluminum oxide coating is applied to the glass tubes before the phosphor is applied. (This is like priming a surface before painting.) The result is a staggering 10% further increase in light level maintenance. My customers tell me that they can really tell the difference.

Halo Phosphor, which at the moment is being used in many cheap imports, has very poor color and a very steep drop-off in light levels maintenance. (This compact fluorescents are a throwback to the time when people hated compact fluorescents because of their awful color and low light output.)  We do handle the replacement bulbs for this fixture. 

(3) Wire Bail Hanger. (Useful if you want to hang by chain, string, or wire)

(4) Multi-Position Pivoting Hand Clamp. It lets you quickly clamp the light on what ever is handy. But if you don't need the hand clamp, it easily comes off with a thumb screw. 

(5) Two Quality Sockets in High Grade Ceramic Assembly. The Y- adapter may be of different color than shown shown.

(6) 6' Power Cord Plugs into wall socket. We got these cords as new surplus to save you money! In fact, we source all the components separately and put them together at our plant to keep your costs low $$$!

How Does our Fixture Compare to Common Fluorex?

Our Fixture is Reliable

Fluorex is a trade mark of Lights of America. My experience with their products is that they just donít hold up. I know this because we used to be a distributor. We had to give refunds or give away free replacement product. Lights of America ballasts would blow out and the bulbs would not last either. And I had problems getting the company to honor their warranty.

A customer of ours actually put the most common Lights of America fluorex that you see in his barn. They burned out in short order and had to come to us for real light fixtures. The Lights of America fluorex is basically a throw away unit. Once the ballast blows, you buy a new fixture!

On the other hand, our economical fixture uses a commercial grade compact fluorescent. If a bulb goes out, you can just replace it, not our entire light.

More Light, Less Money

The two light bulbs in this fixture produce essentially the same amount of light as the 65 w  fluorex units commonly sold. The open coils of our bulbs really let out the light.

The circular bundle of tube type of construction of  the standard 65 watt units trap inside the bulb. That is one reason the competitor's output  is so low relative to it's wattage.   

 But the amount of light your plant's get is not just the lumen (light) output of the bulb or it's wattage. The light you plants get equals the output of the bulb times the percentage of the light that gets out of the fixture. ("Light Output" = "Bulb output" X "optical efficiency")

The small plastic boxes that fluorex bulbs are put into trap light inside them. It makes sense that you can't just close up 5 of 6 sides around a lightbulb expect to get the light out.

Our fixture allows more space for light to exit the reflector. It is a good unit that allows you to concentrate light on a few plants.

Confusing , exagerated claims are made about fluorex or other high wattage screw-in fluorescent bulbs that make them look like they make a lot of lumens of light. Hereís the deal: At night when you are outside, the eyeís cones stop working. You have to rely on the B/W vision rods to see. And the rods happen to be more sensitive to blue light, which fluorex light has more of. So when itís really dark, itís as if the fluorex unit is producing more lumens of light. Itís not really. Plant leaves are not human eyes. Thatís why the ratings are phony.

To learn more about this, check out our narrow spectrum 4' T8 fluorescents on auction. These may the absolute best light spectrum. 

Another deficiency of the flood light fluorex fixture that you normally see is the troublesome lens. It cuts down on the light output of the fixture. The lens absorbs light, reflects some of it back into the fixture, and traps light inside the lens by total internal refraction. Thatís why we use a completely open design to let as much light out as possible.

We hope we can help you out with this great grow light. It certainly is a compact and powerful unit!